Career in Canada

An affordable cost of living and low crime rate make Canada a great option for those graduates wishing to work abroad

Home of maple syrup, Niagra Falls and ice hockey Canada has something to entertain everyone. Combine this with the friendly inclusive nature of its inhabitants and Canada becomes even more appealing.

Jobs in Canada

The unemployment rate in Canada was at 5.8% in March 2019, it’s highest since October 2018. Jobs are on the increase in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta and popular industries across Canada include:

    1. Agriculture
    2. Energy
    3. Fishing
    4. healthcare
    5. Manufacturing
    6. Mining
    7. Retail
    8. Tourism.


How to get a job in Canada?

The majority of job opportunities are posted online. You can start your job search at:



Canadian employers will require a resume rather than the UK standard CV and covering letter. A resume is designed to be more concise and tailored to each individual job application.


An internship is the perfect way for any student or graduate to immerse themselves in Canadian culture, enhancing their skills and proving themselves to future employers in an exciting environment. In order to complete an internship in Canada, you’ll need to secure the correct work permit or visa (see Canadian visas for more information).

If you’re looking for an internship in Canada, here are some good places to start:

    1. BUNAC Vancouver Internship can last up to six months and is aimed at English-proficient students and graduates.
    2. Latitude International has internship opportunities based in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Calgary or Ottawa.