About us

Fulfil your dreams through the door of Everbright for your bright future .

Everbright Consultants is a trailblazer in overseas education and specializing in a far-ranging service from selecting the opted universities among the best in class which may lead to career pathways. The counsellors who hold an immense knowledge and skill to guide and assist in all aspects of your overseas goal with focusing on the quality, were no compromise. The counselling and personalisation of all our services plays a vital role to our students. With a vast experience in international education and counselling, also having sent a huge number of students to study abroad with their desired destination, we hold the pride on the same.

Moreover, the English language coaching, drafting high quality portfolio and providing tip to tail support for the pupils throughout their international course of study.

EBEC always has the accountability and promptness to you, as a student you make the verdict pertaining the destination which you like to study internationally.   

Few reasons to choose Everbright   

    1. Study overseas with someone who knows the way

Everbright Educational Consultants looks towards the future of student & their career. We help students study in English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Our success comes from connecting students with the right course in the right institution and the right country.

    1. Ready to start your global career? We’re here to help

We work with you to help realise your dream of studying overseas for professional and personal growth. We combine experience and technology to help you make the most informed decision possible.

    1.  Approachable international education experts

We are international education experts, ready to go the extra mile and a friendly  face  and willing to share what they learned. Our counsellors are the greatest.

    1. Support every step of the way

Our support doesn’t end when you receive your university acceptance letter. At Everbright Consultants, we’re dedicated to ensuring you feel supported at every stage of your study journey. We offer a full suite of services, covering English language testing (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL), visa assistance and pre-departure advice. Our services are continually evolving to support our students through to graduation and beyond.