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Free study abroad counselling

Planning a better future? Build it by studying abroad with Everbright.

Everbright Educational Consultants looks towards the future of student & their career. We help students study in English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, New Zealand, the UK and the US. We’ve an working experience with students for close to 10+ years, creating a huge network of knowledge about all institutions and study destinations. Our young and energetic network of approachable experts helps you identify and secure the right institution.

We don’t charge for counselling and guidance

All our counselling sessions are free, and we try to make your process of applying abroad as smooth as possible. We have a team of experienced counsellors to help with your university and course selection, application procedure, offer letters, visa process and  pre-departure briefings. So far, we have helped many students find the right course to pursue in their dream destinations.

Come, visit us for a free session

Walk in to our office in Anna Nagar or fill in the enquiry form to book a free appointment. On the day of your appointment, bring your wish list and course preferences as a starting point. Your Everbright counsellor will discuss with you in detail, your education background, preferences and budget to help ascertain your possibilities in potential universities.

At  Everbright, we support you with:

Unbiased and expert counselling via personal interview

Shortlisting of potential schools and universities

Assistance in application submission

Guidance in writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Registration and preparation guidance for IELTS, PTE & TOEFL

Guidance on available scholarships and how to apply

Guidance on offer letters

Assistance in visa application

Assistance with health insurance and accommodation

Regular follow-up and support in person, call and e- mail


Pre-departure briefing once you’ve received your visa

All our counsellors are professionally certified and many have visited international study destinations and institutions themselves. Your assigned counsellor will work through all the details and processes to make sure you will have the best possible fit your future university and your area of study.

Our support does not end with your acceptance letter. We will be there to assist you even after you reach your new country. Come, see us – It’s free!

Value Added Services

Other Services

When you arrive at an International airport, you will first need to go through immigration and customs clearance. If you need help finding your way around, just ask the airline staff or one of the border officials in the arrivals area. A clearance officer will check your travel document and visa, and once cleared you will be able to collect your luggage to go through customs and quarantine clearance processes.

Every Country has a range of choices when it comes to managing your money, from banks that cover the whole country to local credit unions and building societies.  Here are some quick tips on setting up your bank accounts.

  1. You can set up a bank account before or after you arrive. 
  2. To open an account you will need to have your Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment , passport, Letter of Offer and other forms of identification
  3. You may also need an Tax File Number(TFN). You can find information about getting a TFN at the respective Tax Office Websites.
  4. Financial or student support officers at your university or college will be able to give you information on how to set up a bank account. 

Every country has many phone and internet services available, including fixed (landline) phones, mobile and internet.

It is best to purchase a SIM card or mobile number when you arrive in study destination, as using your home phone number will incur high costs. There are two types of mobile phone accounts you can choose from


A prepaid service gives you flexibility because you control how much you spend and can stop using the service any time. Pre-paid SIM cards are sold in many shops and supermarkets, as well as by mobile phone providers. After an easy set-up process with the provider, you will have a working Australian mobile number which you can top up with credit as needed. You can usually top up your prepaid service online or at a range of retail outlets. Your mobile phone provider can provide details on how you can top up your service.


If you will be using your mobile a lot, and will be in study destination for a fixed period of time for study, a contract might work out cheaper for you. There will be mobile phone operators in study destination, and you can choose from a range of phone plans where you can get the handset with little (if any) up-front cost; you then pay a fixed price per month for a certain amount of calls, text messages and data.

Many internet providers in Study destination are also mobile or fixed phone carriers, and they offer pre-paid or contract internet plans similar to the above. If you choose a contract service, you will receive a modem, and pay each month for a certain data allowance. Ask the providers you are considering for details of plans that might suit you.

To make international telephone calls from study destination, dial the country code, the area code (if required) and the telephone number.