Why study in Ireland?

High quality of education, friendly and welcoming environment, ample work opportunities, immersive culture and pristine scenery, Ireland is a great destination for Indian students aspiring for higher education abroad. What’s more? It is the technology hub having the European headquarters of several leading MNCs.

In 2010, Lonely Planet named Ireland the most friendly country in the world. The Global Peace Index rates 158 nations worldwide on measures such as conflict, safety and security in society and militarisation. In 2014, it ranked Ireland the 13th most peaceful place on Earth. The Irish have a huge maternal side and love to welcome or ‘mother’ new guests. If staying with a host family, you’re sure to be treated as one of the family. If not, there’s always a greeting or a helping hand just around the corner.

Australians speak English, which makes it easy for most international students to understand and be understood. However, the slang may take a little longer to master!

34 higher education institutions in Ireland offer an extensive range of over 5000 programmes leading to internationally recognised, quality assured qualifications.

International research rankings!

Key Highlights:

• Ireland is ranked 11th in the 2018 Global Innovation Index
• 1st Immunology
• 1st Animal and Dairy
• 2nd Nanotechnology
• 2nd Agricultural Sciences
• 4th Molecular Biology and Genetics
• 5th Materials Sciences
• 6th Basic Medical Research
• 6th Neuroscience & Behaviour
• 7th Mathematics
• 8th Chemistry

Leading Global Companies in Ireland:

Over 1,000 FDI giants in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the hub of their European operations, with names such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.