Cost of studying in Ireland

Ireland offers quick course completion at affordable tuition fee than many other countries. But it’s not just the tuition fee alone you should be calculating in your budget, there’re a lot more expenses involved when you plan to study abroad. Look at our guide of estimates to help ease your financial budgeting whilst your stay as a student in Ireland. Yes, we’ve covered expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travel too!

The tuition fees vary between chosen field of study, university and programme. Furthermore, there is a big difference in the tuition fees for European and non-European students. Students from outside the EU and EEA can expect to pay around €9,000 per year as a minimum, with some courses costing up to €30,000 per year.

Study Program Average fees(in EUR)
Undergraduate Program € 9,000 – € 45,000 per year
Postgraduate master’s Program € 9,500 – € 37,000 per year
Doctoral Degree € 9,000 – € 30,000 per year

Living Costs: Precisely how much you will need will vary depending on where you are studying in Ireland, on the type of accommodation you choose and, of course, on your own personal lifestyle. But, on average, we estimate that a student will spend between €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

Health Insurance: Students are strongly advised to arrange insurance for private medical care as this ensures choice of hospital, doctor and hospital accommodation in the event of illness.
Details of Health Insurance Providers are below:

•  Irish Life Health
 VHI Healthcare
GloHealth Insurance

On Arrival:

• Airport Transfer
• Register with GNIB
• Banking
• Induction & Orientation