Cost of Education in NZ

The cost of studying in New Zealand is affordable as compared to other study abroad destinations. The tuition fee depends upon the chosen course and its duration. The cost of study for an undergraduate degree varies from NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 45,000 per year and the expenses for a post-graduate degree would vary between NZ$ 20,000 to NZ$ 35,000.

Cost of Living in NZ:

The living expenses varies depending upon the location, lifestyle and accommodation and may range between NZ$ 15,000 to NZ$ 20,000 per year.

General expenses Cost
Rent (per month) $800–$950
Groceries (per week) $100–$150
Gym membership (per year) $300
Entertainment (per week) $50
Milk (per litre) $3
Coca Cola (per can) $2
Cup of Coffee $3–$5
Lunch from University food hall or campus café $7–$12
Local calls made from a cell-phone $0.50–$1.50
Taxi – 5 km ride $10–$12
Movie ticket $10–$14
Visit to doctor $45–$85

Other Costs

 You may have additional expenses during your study years. These include, costs of textbooks and stationary, medical costs and dental appointments, quarterly or yearly insurance fee, weather-appropriate clothing, weekend trips. These costs will differ from individual to individual as there is no generalization.